Friday, February 12, 2010

Only a

One of my favorites books of 2010, so far, has to be Love Finds You In Hershey Pennsylvania. I loved that book from beginning to end. you can read my review of LFYI Hershey HERE. Cerella D. Sechrist is just a fabulous writer and it really shows in everything she writes. I recently did and interview with her, and I asked her to "finish the scene", it was a lot of fun to read what she came up on the spot like that. You can read the interview HERE. It's just a credit to her skill, as a writer.
So without further ado, here is my favorite kiss from Love Finds You In Hershey Pennsylvania.

Taken from page 118 & 119 of Love Finds You In Hershey Pennsylvania

" She swallowed with some difficulty, and to his, Jasper noticed that her eyes focused on his lips now.
"Jasper...about last night..."
His arm tightened ever so slightly around her.
"What about it? he murmured.
His breath tickled her nose, and she twitched.
"I don't think..." She began inching upward by mere hair lengths, getting closer and closer to his face. "I don't think....," she repeated and then released her breath in a sigh. "I can't think."
The next think she knew, they were kissing again.
She had told herself, late last night, that the first kiss between her and Jasper was, as the Brits said, a "one-off". The charged current between the two of them had been a fluke--an anomaly. There was no need to assume that the static charge could happen twice.
It was an unexplained phenomenon with a low recurrence rat. Like comets and shooting stars. These things flashed and burned up...or something like that. It would be the same if she and Jasper should ever happen to touch that way again.
That was what she had told herself. These were the examples she outlined.
She had been wrong.
Somehow this kiss was even more electric then the first one. Jasper's lips on hers felt the same way she'd once heard someone describe fireworks--a sudden explosion of light and flame entering the world with a shaken bang. She didn't want it to stop. And it didn't. Not right away, anyway. Jasper kissed her passionately and then tenderly and then, just when she thought she might drown without air (and had passed the point of caring), he let her go."

*sigh* Lucky Sadie. So, was this one, only a kiss? I'd love to hear what you thought. Just leave a comment below:~D
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Giveaway ends the 13th (tomorrow) so hurry one over and enter!;~)
OK, only 2 more days left in Only a Kiss Blog Event. I hope you stop by tomorrow, and read another great kissing scene!
Love Y'all,

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  1. YAY!! Thanks for including the kiss between Sadie and Jasper here, Ashley. And for all your kind words. :) Hershey's kisses all around! LOL!


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