Thursday, February 11, 2010

Only A Kiss...... pt.2

What blog posting about kissing would this be if I didn't post one of my favorite kissing scenes in my all time favorite book. Julie Lessman is the reining Queen of Kissing and by far, my favorite author. Now, don't get me wrong, I like other authors too, but, when it come to kissing, Julie Lessman's got it covered, and then some;~)

So, of course I had to pick a scene from A Passion Most Pure. It was a hard decision of which kiss would I pick? That unforgettable first kiss in the park? Or perhaps the one on the porch swing, right before Charity catches them? After about an hour of searching for the right kiss, I finally I decide on this one.........
Taken from 105 page of A Passion Most Pure
"She turned the knob, and in a split second he was there, his face inches from her own. She turned away as if she could smell the liquor on his breath. "Pretty high and mighty, aren't we, Faith O'Connor? I think you're lying. I thin I have gotten to you. only you don't want me to know it. Why don't we just see?

He pressed her back against the door, his lips muffing her response. He kissed her long and hard until the fight faded away. Only then did his lips leave her mouth to stray along the curve of her chin and nip at her earlobe. She moaned, her passion igniting him like no other woman had ever done. He was breathing hard and fast as his lips smothered her neck and the ecstasy of it all was so staggering, he thought he would lose his mind. What am I doing?

So, was this only a kiss? I'd love to hear what you think. Just leave a comment below!
I hope you enjoyed reading this kiss as much I did!

Love Y'all,

Feel free to grab the picture above and hold your own Only A Kiss blog event:~)


  1. Oh yeah! Julie is definitely the best there is at writing a kiss scene! You picked a good one Ash!

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. WOW, Ashley, I am truly blessed by your kind words and your support. And I almost picked this scene for my Seeker blog, but I didn't, so I'm glad you did!! Thanks SO much for including it in your "Only a Kiss" blog!

    And, Renee, thanks to you too, sweetie!


  3. Hey guys thanks so much for stoppin' by!

    @Renee~ Thanks Renee. I don't think there is every such a thing as a "bad kiss", in the DOB series:~)It was really had to choose to pick. Some many kisses.....*sigh*

    @Julie~ Hey Mrs. Lessman thank you so much for dropping in:~D Boy, you sure heated up the Seeker blog yesterday. My computer was starting to fog up!;~) LOL

    Love Y'all,

  4. Julie's kisses are my very favorite. I try not to pick favorites, but the cat's out of th bag I suppose.

    I toyed around with writing and I loved to read, but it was after reading A Passion Most Pure that I decided to take the plunge to write (so you all can blame her). She made me think and feel things that I just hadn't before. I wasn't familiar with "edgy" Christian romance and I didn't want total smut ~ but I think I longed for books that reflected the truth about how men and women truly feel about one another - the temptations they face trying to honor God, and the beauty of the love that comes from choosing His way.

    Julie's books showed me that there were books out there that could be honest about our passionate nature without being smutty. I've found other authors since, but she was the one who opened my eyes. I guess that's why she will always be my favorite (along with Collin). lol


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