Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fiction Fanatic Fridays...On Saturday?

I'm so sorry I didn't post this yesterday but, believe it or not, I totally thought yesterday was Thursday. I know, I know, who could possibly not know it was Friday. But, that's what happens when your cell phone dies. It was like having my right arm cut off. *ouch*. My cell phone helps me to function like a human being.....most of the time.

Anyways welcome to Fiction Fanatic Friday. If your new, let me introduce you to FFF. Every Friday, I'll ask a question from a random book off my shelf and the first person to leave a comment with a valid e-mail and the correct answer, wins!! And if you're a Fiction Fanatic, I'm sure, it'll be easy as pie (to borrow the colloquialism) to answer these questions.

Now, last, last week I started a new thing where the previous week's winner gets to choose the next FFF question. Congrats to Casey for winning and here is her FFF question taken from The Inheritance by Tamera Alexander:

McKenna Ashford lives in a small town in the western United States, Copper Creek Colorado and makes saddles for a living…what is the name of the livery owner that McKenna sells her saddles through and her brother works for?

As always, you may look in the book, google even e-mail the author if you'd like.
And of course the winner of this week's FFF will receive a personalized bookmark like the one pictured below.
I hope Y'all are having a great weekend, so far!!
Love Y'all,


  1. OK, I read this book not that long ago and I still had to use Google--which helped me find the first chapter where I think I found the answer. ;)

    The livery owner's name is Mr. Casey Trenton. :D

    Thanks for the chance to win one of those great bookmarks!



  2. Hey Amber! You got it right! I'll e-mail you soon to get all the details for your bookmark and such.
    I hope your weekend is going well!
    Love Ya,

  3. Yay!!! Thanks, Ashley!

    My weekend is going great! I just posted a review of Toy Story 3 if you want to check it out. ;)

    Thanks again! (And I absolutely loved this book, BTW!)


  4. Way to go Amber, can you tell why I chose that question??? ;D

  5. Oh, I didn't even notice that! What a cool idea to have the winner choose the next question! ;)

    Yes, I can see now. Not too hard to look up (and it just happened to be a book that I read recently...)--so thank you very much, Casey! :D Now I'm going to get one of Ashley's awesome bookmarks! Woohoo!

    And does that mean I get to pick the next question? How fun!



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