Friday, May 7, 2010

Of Craig's List and Chinchillas...Huh?

If you've ever gotten something off of Craig's List ,that you've really been wanting, for a knock-out price, then your probably a BIG fan of the site like me. No more trying to out bid someone in Norway for that pair of women's size 8.5, Rainbow sandals, just to end up paying more than the retail price for them. Now, I go to Craig's List for everything and end up paying a whole lot less. In fact, half the furniture in my room came off Craig's List ( rest assured it's all been disinfect....10 times) . Needless to say, Craig's List is right up there with Paperback swap and Goodreads on my list of addicting websites.
Okay, now this is where the chinchilla comes in. For the past 3 years, I've been the "mother" of the cutest little fur ball of a chinchilla you'd ever meet, named Dusty (I didn't choose that name, I swear. He was adopted from another family up in NC). He is just the sweetest and pretty darn cutest fluff-ball if you ask me, but what mother wouldn't say that about their baby, right? LOL;D
(this lil' guy is Dusty. He loves having his picture taken. And he is a wee bit self-centered...too say the least. But, he is very affectionate, with all things considered LOL )

Anyways, Chinchillas love to be together with other Chinchillas. And I've been wanting to get another one for awhile. However, my mom said I was crazy and that by "no means could I get another". But, with a little bit of prayer and a lot of persistence (i.e begging day and night), my mom relented. So, after pouring over the Georgia pets ads on Craig's List and coming up with zilch. Then the thought finally came to me: every 6 weeks my sisters and I, have to travel to NC (about 6 hours from here) to get our braces done ( I know that sounds crazy but, what can I say, we love our orthodontist) and that our next appointment would just be two weeks away. So I decide to look through NC's Craig's List ads to see if I'd have better luck there. And voila! I found a lady up in NC, whose Female Chinchilla just had a litter of kits (that are what baby Chinchillas are called) a boy and a girl, and was selling them on CL . I e-mailed the lady and told her about having braces done in two weeks and all that good stuff and we decided that when I came up, I could pick the lil' guy up. Unfortunately, during this whole time, the woman, selling the chinchillas, thought I was some sort of con-artist or a phony buyer trying to scam her. So she refused to give us her home address or any other personal info. But, we did find her phone number (thank you White Pages!) and were able to call and assure her that we weren't going to rob her blind. She at last gave us directions to her house and we finally got to picked up the little baby chinchilla. Then it was 6 hours back home. That night we didn't get home till 1:00 AM (we were very tired and in pain from the braces, to say the least).

Now, three weeks later the new chinchilla has gotten used to me and is pretty comfortable with me holding him. But, just a few days ago, I was checking on him, you know... to make sure he was okay, and found out that he, was a really SHE!! Yikes!!

(Winnie (that's the name I'm kinda of leaning towards) isn't the brightest cookie in the Chip's Ahoy bag ( if you know what I mean) and shes not sweetest either. She's basically the complete opposite of Dusty)
So, it's back to Craig's List to give it another go. Keep your fingers crossed Y'all as I try to find another chinny........who hopefully won't be a girl this time. LOL:D

Have a great week and a wonderful weekend!!!
Love Ya,


  1. Oh too funny! And a bit disappointing I guess. I hope you have better success this time, but just think of this, keep "Winnie" and breed your own chinnys! :D

  2. Lol Casey, she totally should!!

    Hi Ashley,
    I saw you on Lori's blog. My name is Hannah. I'm a senior in high school, just to let ya know!

    What a GREAT post! Lol... Your chinny (well chinnys I guess) is ADORABLE!! So sorry about the braces... : / Never had to have them, luckily.

    I'm going to sign up to be a follower, so glad I checked out your blog!
    Talk to you soon,

  3. Hey Ashley!

    Sorry for the random comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you a "Blogging Friends!" award on my blog! :)

    Thanks for being my blogging friend!


  4. @Casey~ Breed them you say? I'll say the idea has crossed my mind. But, chinchillas are kind of like rabbits or The Duggers (if you know what I mean). I'll have enough chinchilla to supply a small third world country with fur coats.LOL

    @Hannah~ I'm so glad you stoped by Hannah! And a senior in high school? That's great. I'm probably on the younger side of the blogger spectrum, being only a freashman *sigh*. And thank so much for becoming a follower.You just made my, night.LOL :~)

    @Amber~I love random comments and thank you SO much for the award. I LOVE it:)

    Have a great Mother's day!!
    Love Y'all,

  5. Lol! Ashley, I know what you mean....there aren't many of us "youngsters" around ; ) We gotta stick together!!! I don't really have any blogger friends my age, but now I think I'm starting to hopefully!

    LOL! The Duggars.....

  6. LOL, toooo funny. I SO know what you mean. :)

  7. How is the new Chincilla doing? Just wanted to check in and see if they intergrated well. Hope you are doing well. Take care. -Lori


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