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Review: Bookends by Liz Curtis Higgs

I'm so glad it's finally the weekend. The weekend for me means sitting around the house doing nothing but reading, occasionally checking FB status or e-mails, and basically more reading! I hope Y'all are just excited about this weekend as I am.LOL

Oh! And now heres my review.......

Title: Bookends
Author: Liz Curtis Higgs

Publisher: Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing
Date released: January 20th 2000
ISBN: 9781590524374

Stars (out of 5): ****
Age rating: PG-13
Beside an gambling, dead beat brother and a few toe curling (more or less) kisses, Bookends was extremely "clean" but, I think the story plot and dialogue wouldn't really interest anyone younger then 20 yrs. old.

Back cover (from Goodreads):

Opposites Attract?
Dr. Emilie Getz and Jonas Fielding are as different as two people could possibly be - the same age, with the same faith, living in the same small Pennsylvania town. She's a first-class neatnik; he's a world-class slob. She's into saving historical relics; he's into saving souls. But perhaps opposites do attract. For when this uptight historian and this laid-back land developer meet, sparks fly. And despite the rather inauspicious beginning to their relationship, neither one will escape unchanged...or unsmitten!

My Thoughts:
First off, Bookends, is nothing like Liz Curtis Higg's other books. With that out of the way, I can I say I enjoyed (not loved) Bookends. Dr. Emilie Getz wants only to prove that's she just as competent as those professors who laughed at her historic blunder, years back. Now the only thing standing in her way is one Jonas Fielding, a handsome adversary who happens to capture Emilie's heart, despite resistance on both sides. Higg draws heavily on her Moravian background and her home town in southern Pennsylvania to create a charming read.
Bookends is set from Christmas to Easter so, of course there is a sound message on The Resurrection of Christ and the resurrection of dormant faith. Bookends was funny (but ever so slightly) and was entertaining but, just wasn't as rich as Higg's other books. And I feel that Higg's could have taken the opposites attract angle, and really run with it (which didn't happen). But besides all that, I thought Bookends was a great Easter read, that had me smiling (instead of crying. LOL). For something a little different from Liz Curtis Higgs, you should definitely give Bookends a page-turn.

To Learn more about Bookends, Liz, and her other books go to:
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