Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Review: Still House Pond by Jan Watson

Three Down. I'm no anywhere close to done, but I'm getting there.

Title: Still House Pond
Author: Jan Watson
Genre: Historical inspirational

Publisher: Tyndall House
Date released: August 1st 2010
Stars (out of 5): ***1/2
Age rating: PG-13:
The story is a little intense at some points and suggestive content between Manda and a mysterious man.

Back cover (from Tyndale House):
Lilly Gray Corbett loves living on Troublesome Creek, but she would much rather play with her best friend than watch her little brother and the twins. Her mama, Copper, is often gone helping to birth babies, and Lilly has to stay home. When Aunt Alice sends a note inviting her to visit in the city, Lilly is excited to go, and Copper reluctantly agrees to let her. Later, when they hear the news that the train crashed, Copper and her husband, John, rush to find out if their daughter is injured . . . or even alive.

My Thoughts:
Still House Pond is the continuation of the Troublesome Creek series and centers on Copper’s daughter Lilly and herself and their hired girl, Manda. An invitation for Lilly Gray to come visit her Deceased father’s sister arrives and disrupts their household. But Copper is too busy help to-be mothers, to see Lilly off, but asks Manda too instead. But, Manda has met a young man in town and as Manda and Lilly are waiting for the coach, the mysterious man shows up and this is Manda’s chance to get to better know him. What transpires after that is one a series of unfortunate. I very much disliked Manda’s sisters; they seemed so mean and hateful and treat Manda more like a slave instead of a sister. Lilly is just like any other twelve year old girl. She wants adventures outside of her childhood home and this trip is the perfect opportunity for her to be grown up and on her own…sort of. I liked how the authors had many plot twists, that I had never expected and that made the story exciting. The overall story was gripping and real and the characters were rich in details. But, I felt like I was missing something by not reading the author's first series, which ties into this book. The only BIG thing I also didn't like about this book was that the story was rushed and too short.  

*This book was given to me by the publisher in return for my honest review. I was not compensated in any way or influenced to write a positive review*

To learn more about Jan Watson and her books, go to:
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