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My Review: Driftwood Lane by Denise Hunter

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Title: Driftwood Lane
Author: Denis Hunter

Series: Nantucket Love Story book 4

Genre: Contemporary inspirational romance
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Date released: July 6th 2010 
ISBN: 1595548009
Stars (out of 5): ****
Age rating: PG-12:
There is romance a plenty, but nothing untoward. But, some themes may be a bit mature for a middle reader.

Back cover (from Thomas Nelson):
Meridith can handle anything: guardianship of three distant siblings, a dilapidated Bed-and-Breakfast, even an ever-present handyman who's dismantling more than her fireplace--or can she?
When the death of Meridith's estranged father leaves her with custody of three siblings she's never met, she reluctantly goes to Nantucket to care for them--but only until their uncle returns from his trip. Little does she know, the uncle is already there under the guise of her friendly handyman, with plans of his own.

Will the love that grows between them be strong enough to overcome the secrets that brought them both to Driftwood Lane?

My Thoughts:
Driftwood Lane was a sweet and heartbreaking romance that I'm happy I got the chance to review.

The story centers on a strong and independent young women who has just inherited her three half-siblings.

Now, I did enjoy the story and I felt as if I was right there in Nantucket enjoying the misty winds and spectacular views, but some of the main characters got on my nerves.
The Uncle and the oldest girl were being unfair to the whole time and assuming the worst. I understood their feelings, but I just wish they could have been more open. And Meredith’s growing up years were full of uncertainties and hardship; not to mention emotional turmoil. I felt so bad for Meredith, and only a good author can make me feel for characters like that.
Of course, romance wasn't lacking in this book, as the story progressed it turned into borderline heartbreak, but at the end, everything that happened thus far, helped in shaping the relationship that Meredith and Jake now have together.

This was my first time reading anything by Denise Hunter and I can honestly say, I CAN'T wait for her next book, A Cowboy's Touch!

*This book was given to me by the publisher in return for my honest review. I was not compensated in any way or influenced to write a positive review*

  To learn more about Denise Hunter and her books, go to:
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