Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winners, Winners, Everywhere!

Thanks to everyone who made my first year blogaversary so special! I love Y’all and I hope we’ll get to celebrate more blogaversary to come. I really want to thank Cerella, Marylu and Julie for doing the interview with after asking them out of the blue and on short notice. You ladies are fantastic and I'm so happy I got to meet you all here in the Blogging world.

I'm sorry I didn't comment back on some of Y'all's comments, but my family and I have been and are going through some trying times right now (But, I'll leave the details for another post) and I haven't been able to sit down at the computer for long periods of times. But, God is good and I fully trust in Him to see us through even the darkest of days. And I hope you will too, when trials come your way.

On to the winners. I held three giveaways this past week and though there weren't a ton of entries, that's good news for the gals that did enter; because it means you had a very good chance at winning:)
Anyways enough of my babbling....Drum roll please
The winner of Within My Heart is....Katie!
The winner of The Redemption is...Michelle!
And the winner of one of Julie Lessman's books and one top CBA book is....Sarah!
Congrats to you winners, I'll be contacting you soon and if you won Julie's giveaway, she will e-mail you directly.

I hope y'all have a weekend full of God's love and blessings,
Love Y'all,

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