Friday, August 13, 2010

Fiction Fanatic Fridays ~Let's Go BARGAIN Hunting!~ Giveaway!!!

Okay, so I know I've been completely AWOL for the past month.....or two, but I have a good reason why. See when it's summer time, I am forced to be as lazy as possible according to the tradition of summers past. But, if one week, I've got this urge to blog, ever so badly, I have to remind myself that's it's summer, and blogging would mean I'm being productive and efficient; which are two things that are not allowed during summer vacation. So, I apologize that I haven't been around to host FFF on my blog this whole summer. But, school is back in session and so is FFF! YEAH!!
Don't know what FFF is? Here is the short and long version. Fiction Fanatic Fridays, is a weekly meme I host right here on my blog. Every Friday, I'll ask Y'all a trivia question from a random book off my bookcase. Now, if you're a fiction fanatic, the question will be a no brain er. The first person who answers the question correctly (and leaves a valid e-mail address), gets a beautiful (if I do say so myself) bookmark that they design themselves.
But don't sweat if you don't know the answer to this week's question. You can always try your luck again and come back next week. You never know what book will be next.

This week we are going Bargain Hunting. Bride In The Bargain that is.LOL By Deeanne Gist. Bargain is my favorite book of Deeanne's to date. I LOVE the backdrop of the lush woodlands of Washington, that Deeanne paints for her readers in Bargain. I could be reading this book in the dead of winter and it could still make me think it's lush, green and above an "Arctic chill" outside.

To me, Bargain is the perfect read, for summer and winter alike.
So, enough of my gushing about this book, let's go hunting for the answer.

Here is this week's question.......
In Bride And The Bargain, Anna Ivey refuses to marry lumberjack, Joe Denton. Anna stays with Joe as his cook and maid and when she makes the comment that the tree right by the house will one day fall and destroy the house, Joe brushes her off. After an argument between Joe and Anna, Joe makes it his mission to fell the troublesome tree. He believes that by cutting down the tree his late wife planted, he will win Anna's heart and ultimately her hand in marriage.
What type of tree was it?

As always, the prize for the first person who gets the right answer and leaves a valid e-mail addy will get a personalized bookmark like this

Good luck and I can't wait to see who wins!!
Love Ya,


  1. My guess is a pine tree :)


  2. I love that title: "Let's Go Bargain Hunting!" So cute! ;)

    I'll bet you that Casey would know the answer... She won my copy on my blog at Camp Humility! ;)

    Good luck to everyone!


  3. Ahh...summer. Glad you've been enjoying. :)

    As for the question, I have no idea...but good luck to everyone else.

  4. I so agree with you! A Brde in the Bargain is also my favorite Deeanne Gist book so far. I read it many months ago and can't remember what the tree is but my daughter just read it a few weeks ago and she is thinking maybe Apricot?

    Glad you're back!

  5. Sorry, forgot to put my email.


  6. Hey, good to have ya back. :) Amber is right, I JUST read this book, but can't remember what kind of tree it was?? Argh! I am going to say pine. WONDERFUL book, absolutely loved it! :)

    Email in profile.

    Love the new look, btw. :)

  7. I've already won, so I won't answer, but this is one of my favorite books! I remember when I was reading it that it was such a waste to cut down such a tree! :) I would have been horrified. I so wish I had one in my own yard, which means pine tree isn't it, because i have hundreds of those around.:)

  8. Ariel~ You're so very close, but pine was not the type of tree Joe cut down.:( But, since nobody actually got the answer right, you have a second chance to answer, if you want.:)

    Amber~ Thanks Amber. I can never come up with a good title for my blog posts, so you're comment really made my day. Now I remember, Casey did win that copy of Bargain from you. That's so neat, Amber girl (gosh, did I just say neat?LOL);)

    Julie~ Thank you and I am really enjoying the summer, but sadly it will come to an end next week *sniffles* Farewell dear summer.....LOL;)
    I hope next week, you'll be able to take a wack at the question.

    Barbara~ That's so great that both you and your daughter read Bargain. It really is a great book, and if I thought my mom would enjoy it, I'd have her knee high in Gist books, for sure;) Apricot...Hmmmmmm. It wasn't a fruit tree, per say, but again, you're really close. As I said to Ariel, you get a second chance to answer, because nobody got the right answer today. And I didn't put it up there, but everyone is allowed to google , ask the author or even look in the book for the answer to a FFF question.

    Casey~ I'm glad to be back, but don't get your hopes up too high. Unfortunately, I have all these classes I'm taking this year and I have a feeling that I'll be so swamped, I won't get much blogging done:( So, I may only get to blog once a month or something like that.
    Anyways, don't you just love Deeanne's writting? I love all her books, except maybe Lady. WAY to depressing for me, and that brother and sister really got on my nerves. ;)

    But, the tree was not a pine tree:( You do have a second chance to answer and I'll even give you a hint. Okay, here is the hint:_____nuts grow on the banches of the tree. I hope that helped.:)

    ~Remember, all ya guys get a second chance at answering this week's FFF question.~
    Love Y'all,

  9. Hey Tammy!!
    I'm so glad you stopped by! I feel the same way about the tree. As Joe was hacking away at it and the whole time I though " why cut the poor tree down, it never did anything to you, you over grown lumberjack!!! ..... Sorry, I got a little carried away;) But, Bargain was one of those books that I really got into.
    And you're right, it isn't a pine tree. Though that would have been my first guess.
    I hope you have a great weekend, Tammy!!
    Love Ya,

  10. Since you're giving us a second chance, was it almond?


  11. I think I'll let someone else have a crack at it. ;) I do really like Deeanne's writing, so glad I got the chance to read this book for sure!

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