Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's in a Name? er, I mean.....title.

The title of a book tells you a lot about what a book. From the title, you can tell (without even looking at the back cover) if you in for a heartbreaking romance or laugh-out-loud adventure. One of my favorite "funny" book tiles would have to be Jenny B. Jones's book she wrote in the fourth grade: I’m Gonna Kill You Dead. Great title, right? But what's the first thing you thought of when you read it? Action, romance, heartwarming? In the blogging world and the writing world, coming up with just the right tile, can make all the difference as to whether somebody actually reads you post/book. And should reflect what the post/book is about (most of the time)

Here are a few books with some pretty interesting titles........
Hmmm....this book might come in handy in one day.

Would this be considered a sport or a hobby? LOL

Okay, now it's just getting dirty.

What are they teaching kids in school these days? This is why I'm homeschooled.LOL:~D

It just makes you stop, and wonder what the author were thinking when they wrote the book. One things for sure, these book titles sure make you laugh;~D
So, I would love Y'all (meaning my mom, since she about the only one who reads my blog and even then I have to bribe her) to leave a comment with you favorite, least favorite or just done right craziest blog/book title that you've seen.
Can't wait to see them!

Love Y'all,


  1. Book titles? Hmmm. I like titles, but often covers grab me first. Julie Lessman does a great job on her titles. A Passion Most Pure, really encapsolates her book. Least favorite? That's hard, because I'm not coming up with anything! I know I have seen them out there, but again, covers are often what I see first. I love the Love Finds You In... books, but the titles aren't real creative ( and I know that is because it is part of series) but I like a title to give a peak into the book. Like A Constant Heart. :) Fun post and idea!

    And don't worry, often people will read and not comment, I am often guilty of that myself. :) You might be getting more traffic then you know.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Casey! I'd have to agree with you, the cover grabs me the most too. And your right A Passion Most Pure, definitely sums up the story. Julie's books would be fantastic even if they had some dorky title like "The Stray Shopping Cart field guide".LOL:~D
    And thanks for the encouragemnet Casey! Since my visitor's counter ins't working at the moment I can't tell how many people have actually stopped by, but I'll trust the number won't be too depressing;~)Hahaha

    Love Ya,

    I made a small edit to the post, so if your wondering if your seeing things, that's why.LOL
    Have a great week girly!

  3. The hit counter I have on my sites works great, you can get the link on either of my blogs at the bottom of the page. It's totally free and great!

  4. What a great post, Ashley!

    There are lots of great titles out there these the top of my head are some that I read/reviewed recently:

    The Husband Tree
    Menu for Romance
    The Silent Governess
    Jenna's Cowboy

    Hmmm...uncreative titles are a little harder. Let's see...I actually can't think of a single one! I guess it's since I mainly read romance, and these gals know how to pick titles that are right on the money. Sorry I can't contribute to your list. :( You have some great ones though!

    I came by to tell you that I have an award for you here:


  5. Hey Lori, *waves*
    Yeah, it was interesting trying to find those "books". And romance books tend to have fantastic titles *wink* A Passion Most Pure, for example;~)LOL
    Love Ya Lori,


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