Thursday, January 21, 2010


Good Morning Y'all,
Congratulations to Debra for winning* a copy of The Raven Saint!:~)
@ Debra~ It will be in the mail soon and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:~)

Many thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, I'll be hosting another giveaway this week so please check back in for details.
*As always the winner is picked by a un-bias third party

Love Y'all,


  1. Congrats Debra!

    And thank you sooo much Ashley for posting a link to my giveaway!

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. Congrats to Debra!

    Your new profile pic is too cute, Ashley! :)


  3. @Renee~Thats what friends are for;~) And thanks again for helping me out w/ Luxe.

    @Lori~Thanks Lori. I just couldn't resist using the pic of me and my little nephew, Cabot (what a name, right?. Needless to say, when I tried to kiss him a second time he wasn't too happy. LOL

    Love Y'all,


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