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Review: Daughter Of Joy by Kathleen Morgan

All right Y'all this my first book review. I would love for you to leave your thoughts about this review and even suggest changes, if you like;~)

Author: Kathleen Morgan
Publisher: Fleming H. Revell

Date released: October 1999


age rating: 131/2 & up

Back cover: (courtesy of Bethany house publishers)

Love, heartbreak, and triumph lie deep within the wilds of the Colorado highlands.

Abigail Stanton's whole life was rooted in her faith, a faith she now clings to for survival. After losing her husband and young son, Abby sets out alone, bereft, and heartsick. And when she is led to Conor MacKay's doorstep, the very foundation of her belief starts to shift.
As the volatile rancher's new housekeeper, Abby is supposed to keep his affairs--and his capricious little girl--in order. Abby feels anything but order, though, when she and Conor are together. Can love heal the wounds of the past? Or will Abby and Conor risk even greater losses than they have already suffered?

The first in the Brides of Culdee Creek series, Daughter of Joy takes you on a journey of grief, intrigue, and redeeming love in the nineteenth-century Colorado highlands.

Has great Christan values and is well written.


It is sometimes difficult to understand Abby's feelings towards God. Prostitution and rape are sub-plots. alcohol and gambling is mentioned.

Though there are some drawbacks, the strong story and realistic characters , definitely out weigh them. At first glance, you might not think twice about reading Daughter Of Joy, but it was one of those books that will have you back and wanting more. I loved the intense scenes, especially between Conor and Abby. The sub-plot of Elise and her husband really fleshed out the story. The characters are well rounded and are rich in detail. The characters have real life problems (according to life in the 1800's) and are heart felt. It's is a story of heartbreaking grief and the struggles of life out in the west. But it's also a story of redemptive love and teaches that even though we don't understand why God let's terrible things happen, in the end it was all for us to learn, love and grow. Even though it's an older book, it definitely has not lost any of it's allure. A tear jerking yet heart warming, story that deserves dusting off.

*Disclaimer*I mean no disrespect to any authors and/or readers. I'm just expressing my honest opinion. I review at my own risk!*

I pray y'all enjoyed my first review:~)

Love Y'all,


  1. WOW!! I need to take lessons from reviews seem so "childish" compared to yours!

    I loved this book...the whole series actually. I just bought the Christmas book that ties in with this series a couple of months ago, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

    ~ Lori

  2. Thanks Lori! considering I'm only 14 and still a child myself, that really means a lot too me:~) I loved the first book and haven't had time to get around to the others in the series.
    I pray your week is going good. Mines been pretty crazy. We finally unpacked the moving truck and got all the boxes in the new house.

    Love Ya,

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  4. Seriously??? 14??? I had no look older in your pic! I know you told me you weren't over 18, but I though at least 16 or 17. make me feel OLD as dirt! I'm about to turn 32 in a little over a week. :( I cried when I turned 30...I don't want to be old. LOL

    YAY! You're unpacking! How do you like Warner Robins so far? Have you found the bookstores yet? *wink* Keep me posted...

    BTW, I'm loving your Christmas decor, it's beautiful!

    I hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas! {{hugs}}
    ~ Lori

    *sorry for the deleted comment!*

  5. Yeah, my mom said same thing about my picture. Maybe I need to take a picture of me in a "I Love Sesame Street";~)

    But anyways, it's wall to wall boxes at my house, I can't even walk two feet without tripping over one:~)

    I like WR, except for the fact I hear the library is REALLY small(YIKES)and I love libraries(cause their free:~)

    I need to get over to Gottwalsbooks, but haven't gotten the chance:~( And I don't have any money(blasted! child labor laws;~)

    I can't belive it's almost Christmas, but I hope Y'all have a very, Merry Christmas:~)

    Love Y'all,

    32 is not old! 62 maybe, but definately not 32;~)Oh and thanks, I love the new background too. Very festive.

  6. Ashley ~

    You are so funny! I love visiting you, cuz I know you'll make me laugh!

    Your pic is beautiful...don't change it. I loved Sesame Street when I was a kid...I watched it EVERY time it was on. LOL

    I remember what a pain moving is! We moved in Oct. 2008, and it was NOT fun, but it was so worth it once the unpacking was done. :)

    I don't remember ever seeing their library, but they have lots of bookstores. Maybe you can beg your Mom to buy you a couple of books. *wink*

    You have a Merry Christmas, too! You should post your Christmas tree/decorations on your blog. Be sure to stop by and see my tree. :p

    ~ Lori

  7. I'm with Lori on this one! Your review is terrific! I haven't read this series but I'm sure it's awesome because I absolutely loved her book, As High as the Heavens! If you haven't had a chance to read it you totally should!

    Merry Christmas!

    xoxo~ Renee


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