Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday! (a belated Happy Thanksgiving)

Sorry I forgot to post for Thanksgiving but, as much as it is an important holiday, it isn't the only one this month;~)
Most of you have probably been up since 3am, trying to be the first in line when the stores open. Perhaps you even camped out half the night, with a sleeping bag, a blanket, three jackets(depends on where you live) and a Thermos of strong coffee! But what holiday would require such madness? The day after Thanksgiving, of course! Some call it Black Friday others call it the worst day to come to work.The name "Black Friday" comes from the fact that most retailers are hoping that sales will be in the "black" ,which means they have succeeded their goal for that month. It's kinda of an ironic holiday. See, on Thursday your thankful for all that God has given you and then on Friday you go out and buy more stuff, that you probably won't use more then twice, but you just had to have! More or less;~) So after I'm done posting I will be going to my local christian bookstore to see what "great" deals I can get my hands on. I pray Y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you haven't had any major injuries from sleeping on sidewalks or shoving people out of line;~)

Happy Black Friday Y'all!

Love Y'all,


  1. I've been up since 330AM so I'm pretty beat! This is actually the first year that my family has done the whole mad black Friday rush and it wasn't as bad as I thought...except for it was 35 degrees and raining!

    I hope you got a whole stack of books from the bookstore! I went to the WalMart and they had NONE of the books I wanted!

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving back at ya!!!!

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. They (the bookstore) only let me get one book with the coupon that I had:~(

  3. Black Friday ROCKS!!

    Hubby & I were up at 2am (actually, I only slept about 1 hour!) and on the road to Columbus by 3am. We got most everything we went for, plus a few other gifts. I only have a couple more gifts to buy, and I'll be done. YAY!

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  5. Wow! Lori, Renee, y'all got up early. I was up at like....8:00am maybe 9:00am. I'm so lazy;~)
    Love Y'all

  6. LOL Needless to say...I didn't get up 'til after 10 a.m. on Saturday!! :p


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