Monday, November 16, 2009

Houses, houses ever where.......

I know I've been very lazy at posting but here are some pictures of the houses we looked at, up in Michigan.

House #1 1/5 stars
The house was right off a major road and with three adorable puppies (if I do say so myself) and no fenced in yard, it wasn't looking too good for house #1
HOUSE #2 3/5 stars
This was my favorite out of all the house but my mom wasn't real crazy about the paint job. Something about the colors being "garish"and "tasteless". Like the first one house 2 got a "NO"I still like it the best:~)

House #3 4/5 stars

This one was nice and wasn't incredible small like the others. House #3 made it on the "Definitely Maybe" list
House #4 2/5 stars
My mom probably would have liked this house, if it wasn't for the teal shutters:~)
House #5 2/5 stars

Talk about small. There was barely any room to stand, let alone put all our junk!
House #6 3/5 stars

Again with three little puppies, sharing a backyard with someone who might have a doberman, didn't seem like good choice:~)

House #7 4/5 stars (sorry that you can't see a lot of the house:~(

House # 7 was built in the 60's and it hasn't changed one bit . Bright blue carpets and textured walls, are a common theme in this house:~)

House #8 43/4/5 stars

Sorry our cars in the way! My mom fell head over heels ( literally) for this house. It was, by far, the biggest and had more room then we have even now. The only problem is, it's currently under renovation, and so the floors are riped up and the walls are half painted and the whole house smells like a cheap date (you know what I mean:~)
Phew! between church, packing and classes, there just don't seem to be any time at the end of the to blog, but I finally got these pictures posted. though I know a lot of y'all post way more then everyday and to me, thats amazing! I would love for y'all to tell me which house you like and/or hate? I pray Y'all have a blessed day:~)
Love Y'all,


  1. WOW! Y'all have a hard decision ahead of you! I know the feeling...we moved last Oct. and have just been in our new house for a year. WE LOVE IT!!!

    Keep us posted...


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