Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

Lori @ Some Of My Favorite Things, is just the sweetest gal around! After a crazy day running all over town (we were showing our house and had to be out for a couple of hours with our three puppies), I finally got home to find that Lori had given me the " Honest Scrape" award. As part of receiving the award I'm supposed to tell Y'all 10 honest things about myself and then send the award along to 10 other bloggers. So here we go...........

1. I don't wake up till 1o:00 am, on a week day!
2. I procrastinate on everything
3. I have three adorable puppies, Lilly, Felix and Isabel, and a chinchilla named Dusty:~) Oh, if chinchilla is its like a really Fat squirrel:~)
4. I've decided that when making a list like this, I don't need pictures and detailed captions on everything on the list:~)
5. I read, A Passion Most Pure, till 4:00 am. (I hope my mom doesn't read this!)
6. I love working with children, and hope that once I actually know ASL, I can teach deaf children.
7. I don't even have ten bloggers to give this award to.
8. I was saved at 6 yrs old but never really understood until I was 8.
9. I dream of being writer one day. Alongside teaching deaf children;~) lol
10. I'm scared of clowns! I think it's the "way too happy" face that gets me.

And here are bloggers I'm sending this award too. (Sorry I couldn't send to 10 bloggers. But because I just started blogging, most of all the bloggers I know have already gotten this award. I didn't want to keep sending this award to same people over and over again:~)

Stephanie @ The Steinbarts
Brenda @ Southern Belle Writer
Tina @ A Homestead Heart

Love Y'all


  1. Girl ~ you are so welcome! Love your blog!

    I'm a procrastinator, too! LOL

  2. Thanks Lori:~) I hope to be doing some book reviews soon.
    Welcome to my blog, Cindy:~)
    Love Y'all,


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