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My review of: A Necessary Deception by Laurie Alice Eakes

 Title: A Necessary Deceptions (The Daughters of Bainbridge House Bk. 1)
Laurie Alice Eakes
fiction-historical romance

Stars(1-5): *** 1/2
Age rating: PG-13 

I think this book was pretty mild in terms of romance, and besides the mentions of lost honor and a few make-out scenes (we just walk in on the couples a few times), A Necessary Deception is clean and very interesting for anyone who loves a good historical mystery. 

Back cover:
When young widow Lydia Gale helps a French prisoner obtain parole, she never dreams she will see him again. But just as the London Season gets under way, the man presents himself in her parlor. While she should be focused on getting her headstrong younger sister prepared for her entrée into Society, Lady Gale finds herself preoccupied with the mysterious Frenchman. Is he a spy or a suitor? Can she trust him? Or is she putting herself and her family in danger
Discover a world of elegance and intrigue, balls and masquerades as Laurie Alice Eakes whisks you into the drawing rooms of London Society on this exciting quest to let the past stay in the past--and let love guide the future.

My Thoughts:
I'm probably one of the biggest critics of Regency novels. Mainly because, in all the Regency book I've read,  it was a struggle for the author to make the life in that era, interesting. To me it seemed like all anyone did back then was sit in a parlor, drink tea, and try not to make any slight faux pas, or else stories, even the Grimm brother couldn't think up, would be spread about you. Nevertheless, even before reading A Necessary Deception, I knew it wouldn't be "just another unexciting Jane Austen-isk" book. The cover is stunning, and captures the intrigue of deception, that awaits us. I liked that most of the characters weren't obsessed with getting married, as you might typically find in a book set in this time period. And I liked how Lydia's sisters stood up for themselves a few times but, on the whole, they was a wee bit irksome and whiny most of the time. The main characters Lydia and Christien were made for each other, yet I felt Lydia's hesitance towards a romance with Christien was cold and added an unnecessary weak point to the plot. I'm all for lovers who can't be with each other, but when that happens because the one person is selfish and has misplaced guilt, it leaves the story flat and the reader annoyed. Which is what happened in A Necessary Deception. There was a great story and plot, and the characters had all the right stuff, except the good-widow, Lydia Gale. Overall, I think Lauria Eakes  wrote a nice novel that started off amazingly, but found it's Achille's heel later on. The whisper-of-a-message of how our own selfishness gets in the way of our relationships with others, and more importantly with God was nice. Yet, I wish there had been more of a spiritual struggle with the Hero and Heroin in the end.  The historical details of Regency England, and the many romances, make A Necessary Deception a necessary read for the romantic-heart, but not a major tear-jerkier for those looking for a book with conviction.   

Available October  2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. 

If you'd like to know more about Laurie Alice Eakes and her books, got to:

Love Y'all, Ashley

*I have been so blessed by Donna Hausler @Revell Books, for sending me a review copy of  A Necessary Deception in exchange for my honest opinion*


  1. Wonderful review! I love how you share the positives of the story but you're also honest about what bothered you. :)

    Hope you're doing well!!


  2. This looks like a good one. Love the cover too! :O)

  3. Hey Ashley! Nice review, though sorry it wasn't all you had hoped it be.

    I just wanted to tell you to check out my post today. You won two blog awards on my blog. Read the post for details on how to accept the award. :-)


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