Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Review of The Charlatan's Boy by Jonathan Rogers

Here is a fun book I know you'll not want to miss...

Title: The Charlatan's Boy
Author: Johnathan Rogers

Genre: YA Fantasy Christian Fiction
Publisher: WaterBrook Press

Date released: Oct 5, 2010
ISBN: 9780307458223
 Stars (out of 5): **** 3/4
Age rating: 10 & UP
 Back cover (from Jonathan Roger's website):
As far back as he can remember, the orphan Grady has tramped from village to village in the company of a huckster named Floyd. With his adolescent accomplice, Floyd perpetrates a variety of hoaxes and flimflams on the good citizens of the Corenwald frontier, such as the Ugliest Boy in the World act.

It’s a hard way to make a living, made harder by the memory of fatter times when audiences thronged to see young Grady perform as “The Wild Man of the Feechiefen Swamp.” But what can they do? Nobody believes in feechies anymore.
When Floyd stages an elaborate plot to revive Corenwalders’ belief in the mythical swamp-dwellers known as the feechiefolk, he overshoots the mark. Floyd’s Great Feechie Scare becomes widespread panic. Eager audiences become angry mobs, and in the ensuing chaos, the Charlatan’s Boy discovers the truth that has evaded him all his life—and will change his path forever.

My Thoughts:

Though no self-respecting Civilizer would believe the word of some country bumpkin husker. But, Proffesor Floyd has a plan: if nobody thinks theres proof feechies exist, than he'll give ‘em proof…and plenty of it.
Grady has been with Floyd as long as he can recollect, but he knows nothing of his parents or who he truly is. The life of a traveling showman is all he has ever known, and that’s just fine with him. Until Grady finds out he isn’t a feechie at all, just an ugly boy, and he's ok with that too, if it means he'll belong. But, Grady will the adventure of a lifetime before him, and before he finds the place called home.

I’m Jonathan Rogers biggest fans…or at least I’d like to think I am, and I was so very excited to get my little feechie-free hands on his latest book. The Charlatan’s Boy is not like Roger’s Wilderking Trilogy, yet is just as adventures, fun , action-packed and FULL of Feechies. The story line was a little slow in the beginning, but after chapter 5 or so, the story really picked up, and by the end, I couldn’t put it down. And though I'm a teenage girl, I loved all the action and mischief, and would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a great adventure novel, witty characters and a WHOLE lot of green swamp people!

*Many thanks to WaterBrook press  for sending me a copy of The Charlatan's Boy. I was in no way paid for my review and this is my honest opinion of this book*

If you'd like to know more about
 Johnathan Rogers and his books, go to:
His Website

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