Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gone With The Posts Blogaversary Party day 1

Rhett Butler: Now that you've got your lumber mill and Frank's money, you won't come to me as you did to the jail, so I see I shall have to marry you.
Scarlett: I never heard of such bad taste.

Welcome Y'all to my very first blogaversary party! I'm calling it my Gone With The Posts Blogaversary Party. Why call it Gone With The Post, right? Well, because it's no secret that I'm a HUGE fan of GWTW (even though I can't ever seem to get through the whole movie without crying or turning off the TV in a fit of depression, and that's just during the opening credits.LOL) thus my blog's name and the quote above, but because just like in the movie, where the Old South was gone with the wind, the last year has gone away with each post I've written. If  it's still not making sense, I use the ol' sleep deprevation ruse, almost always works.But,  the most important  people here on blogger, are truly you guys, my blogger friends. I wish I could tell Y'all all the great memories I've had with ya, but that's would take up 5 posts at least. So while you guys are reading the questions below, how about answering some of them yourself? I think it would so interesting to see how you would answer the questions, as well.
Anyway, I'm so excited about the party finally starting. I hope it will meet y'all's expectations and that ya have lots of fun in the coming days. Today, to help me celebrate my first year blogaversary, is a very special gal, who is, in fact, the  very first person I ever had the pleasure to interview right here on my blog. Without further ado, I'd like to welcome Cerella Sechrist *cheers sound from behind*!!!!

Q1. If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

One of the reasons I love writing is that I get to live a full and varied life vicariously through my characters! I think it would be difficult to choose just one profession, so I love that I can do it all through stories. :)When I was a kid, I was seriously interested in being a marine biologist or archeologist so who knows? But with my love of food, I'd probably be running a restaurant or a food anthropologist or something. And then there's my love of history, so working in a museum would be fun... Okay, see? I just can't choose.

Me: Wow, that is a lot, but I'm glad you stuck with writing!

Q2. If you could live/go anywhere, where would it be and what would you do there?
Well, minus the bloodthirsty predators, I rather think the deserted island in question 5 could be a fun place to spend a day... Do you think we could have a luau?

Me:Uhhh....I'll have to think on that one, but I don't think GWTW and a luau mix. But, we could make it work.LOL;)

Q3. If you were planning your “dream” party, what would it be like?
I'd rent a Tuscan villa for the weekend (because money is no object, and this party can go all weekend, can't it?) and have all the characters I've ever created magically appear so I could watch them live and in person. I'd sit on a couch and listen to them air their grievances with how I've written their story, and at the end of the weekend, we'd all huddle around the karaoke machine and sing "We Are Family." And did I mention there would be cake? Lots and lots of cake.

ME: Sounds like my kind of party. I've always wanted to go to Italy, so you bet I'd try to tag along. Hmm...I'd definitely love to hear what your characters have to say. I'm sure they'll not be short on words. And did you say cake? You can't have a party without cake, if you did, it would be two shakes away from a PTA meeting.

Q4. If you were hosting a party, what favorite (living or deceased) author(s) would you love to invite?Definitely Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde just to watch them verbally spar. I think those two are the most witty writers to ever enter the field of literature. I'd just hand them each a cupcake and watch them go at it - sort of like WWE for writers.

ME:Would they be throwing these cupcakes at each other? Cause, THAT, I've gotta see.

Q5. You're stuck on a deserted island with one other person and a box of party supplies filled with a helium tank, balloons, noise makers, Care Bear themed paper goods and a giant inflatable bounce house; who would you want to be stuck with and what party supplies do you think would be the most useful? Oh, the helium tank is definitely going to be the most useful. What a perfect icebreaker to suck helium and talk in squeaky voices. I'd probably never even get around to inflating the bounce house, and then we'd get eaten by wild animals because I never bothered to put together the shelter… (That is, if you can consider a giant inflatable bounce house a "shelter.") But then we could use the noise makers to scare away the carnivores at night! Why hasn't anyone ever thought of a party-themed desert island experience before this, I ask?!?

I'd probably choose my brother to join me because…
1) I would pay serious cash to hear him talk in a helium-high voice. And on the island, he'd do it for free, out of sheer boredom, most likely!
2) He hunts AND he works for a restaurant so I'm guessing he could both kill and cook the food. Which is so important when you're a castaway, don't you agree?I'm not sure what I'd do with the Care Bear themed items, but I do know they would really brighten up the surroundings...

Me: Your brother hunts and cooks? Hunting is pretty big down here. Even if you go to Papa John's and you just happen to have your rifle with you, it's still considered hunting.LOL  The cooking part would be great too, since I'm not a fan of steak tar tar.  And Helium would be quite entertaining and would probably stop you  from trying to make friends with a Care Bear plate and naming it Wilson, right?

Last, but never least...

Q6. Do you have a favorite verse from the Bible about celebration and joy that you’d like to share, or a verse that still speaks to your heart no matter how many times you read it?
In recent years, I've come to rely on The Message version of Isaiah 40:27: "Why would you ever complain, O Jacob, or, whine, Israel, saying, 'God has lost track of me. He doesn't care what happens to me'? Don't you know anything? Haven't you been listening? God doesn't come and go. God lasts."
It's the perfect encouragement on days when you're feeling just a little sorry for yourself - to remember that your whining means little in the big scheme of things. Because God is still there - he *lasts.*

ME: thank you for sharing that verse with us.  I'm going through a REALLY rough patch (another post, at another time) and I need verses like that to get me to wake up in the mornings, for me at least and I know my fellow blogging friends don't mind the encouragement either.

Thank you so much Cerella for coming  and thanks for helping celebrate my blogaversary!

If Y'all don't who Cerella Sechrist is or ya wantin' to know more about her and her books, go here:
If you haven't read Cerella's new book LFYI Hershey, Pennsylvania yet, you're missing out on one sweet book!

And since I just can't part ith me copy of LFY in Hershey Pa, I'm giving away a copy of Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander 

Here are the giveaway rules:

*You must be a U.S resident (sorry my Canadian friends, shipping just way too much).
*You must have a valid e-mail address and you must put it in your comment for me to count the entry.
*The contest(s) goes Friday to Friday. The winner will be announced on next Saturday.
*you must leave one comment , per post, if you wish to enter all the giveaways.

And now for some more fun.Now since everything is going to be GWTW themed, I thought we could get into  character. I found this great quiz (thanks to Senior Google)  and I'd love for Y'all to take it and found out: Which Character from 'Gone With The Wind' are you!

 This is who it said I was: You are Rhett Butler. You refuse to change your personality to appeal to the masses and cannot stand the hypocrisy in society. You will do anything in your power to make sure that you get what you want.
 Wow such great quality, right? LOL  I've always wanted to be a dashing rogue who never got the girl of my dreams, until it was too late.:( .... LOL

I hope y'all will join me tomorrow in welcoming my next mystery guest and more GWTW fun!
Love Y'all,


  1. What a fun interview! :D You always know how to throw an awesome party, Ashley!

    And Cerella is such a wonderful person! I'm so thankful for her friendship. :) And if anyone here hasn't read her book yet--don't wait another minute!!! ;) It's really good!

    I'll bring some chocolate-covered strawberries to the party, because goodness knows how much Cerella and I talk about them! And yes, Renee, I brought enough for you. ;)

    Oh, and I took the quiz last night when this post was "almost" posted, and it said I was "Mammy." ;) I don't recall ever seeing Gone with the Wind, but I'll have to remedy that soon!

    Can't wait to see what else you have in store, Ashley! Happy blogoversary!!!


  2. I left a comment earlier, Ashley, but Blogger may have eaten it, I guess.

    Loved the interview with Cerella and LOVE your statement that, "I can't ever seem to get through the whole movie without crying or turning off the TV in a fit of depression, and that's just during the opening credits." ME TOO!!! That's why I got misty when the GWTW music came on your blog!! You're one of the few younger people I know that love GWTW as much as I do, which makes me love you all the more!!


  3. I am Melanie Hamilton. I had to take the quiz before I stopped by to comment. :) Here is what the thing spit out about me:

    You are Melanie Hamilton. A true lady. You are generous, loyal, giving and can see only the best in people. You are willing to go out of your way to help anyone, even if it's against public opinion. You can be surprising firm if the occasion calls for it.

    Hmm, not too bad. :)

    I loooooooved this book!!! The BEST LFY novel I have read, bar none. Great interview and I recognize one of those questions *wink wink*

    Perfect party start, you throw great ones!! :D

  4. Fun interview! Happy Blogaversary! I took the quiz, and it said that I'm "Mammy" . . .

    "You are Mammy. You are one tough cookie. You are strong, loyal and can see right through any bull. You take great care in watching out for your loved ones and will do anything in your power to make them happy without compromising your position."

    That sounds about right!

    I have Cerella's book on my shelf, and I think I'm going to have to move it to the top of my TBR pile! If Casey and Ashley recommend it, then I know it has to be G.R.E.A.T.!! :D

    My hubby bought me the GWTW DVD for Christmas last year (per my request), and I've watched it twice so far. I love it! Your post is putting me in the mood to watch it again (sooner than later!!).

    Look forward to tomorrow's mystery guest! ;-)


  5. Amber Thank you for those sweet words. Especially now that I'm sick and can't seem to type write and my brain is slower than normal.
    And the chocolate covered strawberries are too die for, thank you for bringing them *swats Renee's hand from trying to snatch the last one*
    And I totally see you being a Mammy, but more towards a Melanie, perhaps? You have the strong quite spirit that she had, though...I've known you to get a little wild . LOL;) jk

    Mrs.Lessman~ So happy you made it! I did get the previous comment, but only as an e-mail alert. Hahaha, My whole family refuses to watch it with me, cause it ends up being a cry-fest and they can't stand to hear my wail about how stupid Scarlett is for not seeing how perfect Rhett is for her, for four hours straight.:)I don't know why more young people, like me, don't enjoy reading GWTW. But, I'm thinking a petition to make reading GWTW a mandatory requirement, in highschools. What do you think? I love ya too, Mrs. Lessman! Since I'm the only GWTW addict in all of WR (it seems), it's great to have some who actually likes it and doesn't thinks it's a waste of time...and a box of tissues.

    Casey~ Melanie? definitely have her devotion and loyalty.
    I totally agree, LFY in Hershey is the best, of course it's the only one I've read so far, but compared to other books like it, it's great. And yes, I'll admit to stealing your question, but I had to have an even number of questions and I was one short. Do you forgive me? Please?
    Which reminds me, I got to finish answering all your questions. Better get on that.

    Michelle~ Seems like everyone’s a Mammy. I'm feeling kinda left out now.
    And yes, yes, YES!! You have to read LFY in Hershey ASAP! It is one "sweet" read. ;)
    You lucky duck! I can't seem to get anyone to buy me the DVD and so I have to wait till the anniversary date of GWTW, because that’s when they show it on TV. One a year and I get me GWTW fix.:(

    Anyways, you guys have a fantastic Friday!!
    Love Y'all,

  6. Hahaha well gee whiz nobody wants to share their strawberries with me excpet for Amber! Thanks Amber :-) I know Cerella will be bringing the rest of the candy...she's closest to the fresh Peppermint Patties. ;-)

    Congrats on a year Ash! It's been a blast so far!

    XOXO~ Renee

  7. Congratulations on a wonderful year!

    This interview was lots of fun. I love Cerella's verse and I would love to go to a party where she and her brother would entertain us with helium...and lots of cake.

  8. Ummm just thought I'd let you know I took that quiz Ashley...apparently I'm most like Belle Watling the lady of the evening...OH MY!

    XOXO~ Renee

  9. Ohhh, Within My Heart looks SOOO good! I'd love a chance to win this! Thanks!

    legacy1992 at gmail dot com


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