Friday, September 3, 2010


I don’t know about y’all, but my feet are about to kill for all the dancing I did at the AHU release party a few nights ago. That was some party though.;)  I think I gained about 10 lbs.  just from eating all that red velvet cake.
And maybe it’s just my imagination, but I think I can still here the band playing a tune or two. *winks*

Before I announce the winners for both the Countdown To A Hope Undaunted giveaway and the surprise giveaway of signed copy of AHU, that Julie herself is donating, I just wanted to thank everyone --so much-- for entering both of the contests. There was such a tremendous response on the posts, and I just hope I'll get to see y'all the next time I'm hosting a giveaway!

Okay, so now onto the winners...
The first place winner of the Countdown To A Hope Undaunted is ...*drum roll*...

HANNAH (Project Journal)!!!
Congrats Hannah. I'll be e-mailing you soon to get your address and to know which three of the six books you would like.

The second place winner --who will receive the remaining three books--, is....

TAMMY (bluerose)!!!
Congrats Tammy. Be on the lookout for my e-mail, as well, okay?

Now, onto the winner of a signed copy of A Hope Undaunted... The winner is...*dramatic drum roll*....

I will be e-mail Julie your e-mail addy, and she will get in contact with you.

Congratulations to Y'all, ladies. I sincerely hope that you will love your new books and that you come back for my next giveaway, whenever that may be.

Love Y'all,


  1. Congratulations to all the winners!!! And thank you once again, Ashley, for throwing such a great party! It was so much fun, and I'm ever more excited to read A Hope Undaunted, which my sweet mom was kind enough to send priority mail to me, which means it should be coming SOON!!!


  2. ASHLEY, thank you SO much for such a great time, both with the AHU countdown AND the launch party -- you are the best, kiddo!

    And I am planning to mail your signed copy of AHU that you won in my last newsletter contest tomorrow, so let me know what other book I can send as a thank you, per my e-mail, okay?

    And, AMBER!! Sooo glad AHU is on its way, girl. Can't wait to see what you think!


  3. Yah!!! Thank you so much, Ashley! It was a very fun week! :)
    Thanks, y'all, for the congrats! And congratulations to the other winners! :)

  4. I seriously had to read this twice! THANK YOU SOOOOOO much!!!! Lol! This week was amazingly fun, I'm so glad I stumbled upon it in time for the partay! *wink*

    I'm officially at college. It's tough, not gonna lie. More than anything I feel a little lonely right now. They leave us for periods of time with nothing we're supposed to be doing, but we don't have homework or anything yet, so we're stuck. Can't say I'm having fun yet, I don't think. Hopefully it'll get better and soon!

    That is really cool about winning, Ashley! Man, maybe that means I have a change in the luck and I will have some here too : )

    Thanks a bunch! I'll talk to you soon!

  5. Hannah~ you didn't leave an e-mail address in your comment, so I can't get a hold of to get your mailing address. Please either shoots me an e-mail (which you can find on my profile page) or leave your e-mail right here in a comment. Whatever you want to do will be fine with me. ;)

    Tammy~ I'm just waiting on Hannah to pick her three books, but I don't have her e-mail so that has been kind hard of to do. But, as soon as she does, I'll e-mail you and tell you what you got. :)
    Love Y'all,

  6. Well since the the link for your email wn't actually work! Lol! My email is:

    Now, I was going to ask you which three you'd recommend! Lol! Is that bad of me? I looked them up last night, but they all sound pretty tempting....
    Thanks and talk to you later!

  7. Ashley, did you get the email I sent you a few minutes ago?

  8. Sounds like you had fun at the party. Congrats to the winner.


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