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Countdown To A Hope Undaunted: My #1 Can't-Wait-To-Read of 2010!!

Okay y’all, it’s almost here. The release of A Hope Undaunted is just around the corner, but before we get there, I thought we could start a reader’s discussion about what we hope to see and story theories we may have, about AHU. To get the ball rolling, I'm going bring up some things I know I've been dying to find out about since finishing A Passion Denied.

1) I've been biting my finger nails down to their stubs wondering how Lizzie and Brady are doing. I mean, we barely got to see them as a married couple in APD, are they still together (with Julie at the helm of the proverbial writers keyboard, I'm sure they'll have a more then passionate marriage in AHU;), how many kids they have, and all that jazz.

2) Will Katie ever sees Cluny as anything other than an orphaned street rat?  I’m thinking yes, but again, with Julie’s writing, there is bound to be some cat and mouse for a while, but that in the end, Katie will see Cluny for he really is.  

3) What will Cluny/Luke be like in AHU? Do you think he will still be as cocky and obnoxious as ever?  

4) Do you think we'll get to meet new characters that will 'grandfather" over to Julie's next book? I'm hoping so, because that is the best part of reading books in a series. 5)I‘ve noticed that in almost every one of Julie's books,  just when you think the hero is about to get the girl or visa versa, something catastrophic  happens  and rips  the couple apart at the seems (i.e. World War I, catches sister kissing fiancée,  finds out girl isn’t pregnant etc..)

6) Do you think it’s a pattern? Do you think Julie puts events like that, in her books to test the relationships of her characters? Or is there another reason, I haven't thought of yet?

7) Do you think Julie’s books could be  just as wonderful, without all the tension?
I think the day Julie Lessman doesn’t have heaps of tension in her books, is the day FAA will allow swine to man a 747 freighter airplane (a.k.a the day pigs fly) and I don't think her book would be  

6) If you were the youngest child of six, do you think you would be anything like Katie? Would you be a spoiled brat, who is always given whatever he or she wants?  

 Okay, well it kind of goes with out saying, but to keep in with the theme of the past week, my #1 Can't-Wait-To-Read of 2010 is...  

  A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman  

Back cover (from Julie's website):  

What happens when the boy she loved to hate ... becomes the man she hates to love? The 1920s are drawing to a close, and feisty Katie O'Connor is the epitome of the new woman--smart and sassy with goals for her future that include the perfect husband and a challenging career in law. Her boyfriend Jack fits all of her criteria for a husband--good-looking, well-connected, wealthy, and eating out of her hand. But when she is forced to spend the summer of 1929 with Cluny McGee, the bane of her childhood existence, Katie comes face to face with a choice. Will she follow her well-laid plans to marry Jack? Or will she fall for the man she swore to despise forever?

Why it's my #1 Can't-Wait-Read of 2010? That's a no-brainer! I ab-so-lu-tely !!LOVE!! Mrs. Lessman's books, and I  love her as a person. She is so sweet and has so much a passion for God, that it practically flows over and into her books, which is why their so good.  I just can't say anymore about how good her book are,  without sounding like a crazed fan,  which isn't all that untrue. ;)   

Today's Verses: Psalm 21: 4-7
 4He asked life of thee, and thou gavest it him, even length of days for ever and ever.5His glory is great in thy salvation: honour and majesty hast thou laid upon him. 6For thou hast made him most blessed for ever: thou hast made him exceeding glad with thy countenance.7For the king trusteth in the LORD, and through the mercy of the most High he shall not be moved.

Ok Y'all, what is your #1 Can't-Wait-To-Read of 2010? It better be A Hope Undaunted, because otherwise you're no longer welcomed to my blog... Just kidding, I’d never shun those who (as Renee would say) have questionable taste in literature. LOL; D And remember; join me tomorrow afternoon for the A Hope Undaunted release party. I hope Y’all will be able to make it and that you have a great time. Oh, and there is a special surprise waiting for one lucky commenter, if join in the fun with us tomorrow!

Love Y’all, 



  1. Such great questions! I can't wait to read this book. This has been such a fun countdown!

  2. Oh I'll be here, I can promise you that!! And YES my #1 can't wait for read is A HOPE UNDAUNTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I don't get my copy soon... well let's just say it won't be pretty here at my house. ;) Great questions and I can't wait to find out the answers. I am with you there, I love the fact that Julie brings in other characters from previous books. I don't what I would do without some of them like Faith or Marcy or Patrick. This release countdown has been such fun and gone by so fast!

  3. There are so many great books that are coming out--but yes, A Hope Undaunted is definitely somewhere at the top of the list for me, too! ;) I agree that you ask some great questions...can't wait until my mom sends the book up to me! And I'm really looking forward to the party tomorrow! I'm sure I'll be stopping by sometime after my first classes. ;)


  4. WOW, what GREAT questions, Ashley ... heck, even I want to answer them!! :)

    And I totally agree with SARA that this has been SUCH a fun countdown -- thank you for doing it, my friend!!

    CASEY!!! You haven't gotten your copy yet??? You are on the Revell blog tour, right? Everybody else has gotten theirs, so I can't believe you haven't. If you don't get it this week, let me know, okay?? Not that I have a lot of clout, but I've been known to rattle a cage or two at Revell every now and then! :) Those POOR people!!

    AMBER ... hope school is going well! Now, you did sign up for the Revel blog tour, right???

    See y'all tomorrow ... gotta get back to Steven's story!


  5. Julie,

    Yes, I did! Unfortunately, though, my copy didn't come before I left on Sunday to go back to college, so I won't be getting mine until my mom gets home (later today) and sends it up to me! I know I have to learn patience, but it's VERY hard sometimes, especially with everyone else getting theirs! ;)

    Loving your Journal Jots, by the way!


  6. Julie, you know I never got an email from Revell for this tour? I did sign up with Amy when she emailed me about the tour, but so far nothing in the mail box. I keep holding out for tomorrow. :)

  7. Of course, A Hope Undaunted is my #1 can't wait read, too!! I agree, great questions that I can't wait to know the answers to, also.

  8. I do want to read both A Passion Denied and A Hope Undaunted :)

  9. I'm so excited to finally have my copy of Julie's new book... and it is awesome! I love the tension and twists and turns.. you never know what to expect and that's what I love - unpredictable!!
    I just hope Julie's next book comes out next week...lol!

  10. I am so excited for this book! It definitely made my can't wait to read list for 2010, along with several others, most of which have already released. Cluny and Katie, oh my I think we'll be seeing some fireworks with these two! And I so cannot wait to find out over what! And I have to wonder, will Charity and Mitch's twins be making an oh-so-small appearance? Or have Faith and Colin had any children yet? And hopefully, that nasty Sam is gone for good!


  11. Love these books! Can't wait for AHU to come out!


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