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My review: Touching The Clouds (Alaskan Skies Bk.1) by Bonnie Leon

Title: Touching The Clouds ( Alaskan Skies Bk. 1)
Author: Bonnie Leon  
Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Publisher: Revell Book Publishers
 Date released: July 1st. 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3359-9

Stars (out of 5): ***1/2
Age rating: PG-13
There was only one scene in the the beginning-ish part of the book, where a businessman hires Kate to fly him to a little town in Alaska, where he procures Moose antlers. When Kate asks him what he does with them, the man hesitantly tells her that he sells them to a man in China, who sells them to others for the supposed benefit of "increasing sexual urges". Though the scene is only about three sentences long, it might be a little inappropriate for a younger reader. Other than that, Touching The Clouds is very clean.

Back cover (from Revell):

She went looking for adventure . . . and found more than she bargained for.

Kate Evans is an adventurous and independent young woman with a pioneering spirit. When she leaves her home in Washington State to follow her dream of being an Alaskan bush pilot, she knows it will be an uphill battle. But she never expected it to be quite like this. As the lone woman in a man's world, she finds that contending with people's expectations is almost as treacherous as navigating the wild arctic storms.
When she crosses paths with a mysterious man living alone in the forbidding wilderness, she faces a new challenge. Can Kate break through the walls he has put up around his heart? And will fear keep her from realizing her dreams?

Book 1 in the Alaskan Skies series, Touching the Clouds will draw you in with raw emotion and suspense, all against the stunning backdrop of the Alaskan wilds

My Thoughts:
Touching The Clouds is the first book in the Alaskan Skies series and it centers on a young lady pilot, named Kate Evans. Kate is expected to settle down and raise a family, but adventure calls to her from the Northern frontier. So, Kate packs up her stuff, on what would have been her wedding day, climbs into her red Bellanca, and flies away from her parents and, her frightening past.

I'll say I liked this book, but, I didn't love it. I liked how Kate was adventurous and resourceful.  I loved the action-packed flying scenes and all the details and info the author added to it. Ms. Leon had a way of making me want me to visit Alaska,  yet with as detailed as it was, I felt as if I’ve been living there for years. The writing style was nice and the overall story was well written.But, when I pick up a romance novel, I expect to see a some romance in it, which there just didn't feel like there was any. Throughout Touching the Clouds  Kate had two men falling head over heels in love with her and one who already had, but we barely got to join her on any of her dates and the closest we got to a kiss, wasn't until the very last page.Which for me, was a little disappointing.  I also felt that Kate's relationship with Paul the was lacking detail, passion and tension I love to see in books like this. Aside from these issues,  I enjoyed Touching The Clouds and I'll be on the lookout for the next next book in the Alaskan Skies series.

  *Thanks so much to Donna Hausler @ Revell for giving me a free review copy of Touching The Clouds in exchange for my honest thoughts on the book. My review is in no way swayed by the publisher and/ or the author of the book.*
  Touching The Clouds is available July 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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  1. I enjoyed Touching the Clouds very much! Bonnie Leon's book was intriguing and made me smile!

    I thought this novel compared very well with others in the world of Christian historical fiction. It had numerous tricks and turns that kept me turning one page after another well into the night.

    I wrote my own review that can be found here:



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