Monday, March 22, 2010

Review: The Trouble With Tulip by Mindy Starns Clark

Title:The Trouble With Tulip
Author: Mindy Starns Clark
Publisher:Harvest House

Age rating: 14& up
Stars(out of 5): ****3/4
Back cover:
Josephine Tulip is definitely a smart chick, a twenty–first century female MacGyver who writes a helpful hints column and solves mysteries in her spare time. Her best friend, Danny, is a talented photographer who longs to succeed in his career...perhaps a cover photo on National Geographic?
When Jo’s next–door neighbor is accused of murder, Jo realizes the police have the wrong suspect. As she and Danny analyze clues, follow up on leads, and fall in and out of trouble, she recovers from a broken heart and he discovers that he has feelings for her. Will Danny have the courage to reveal them, or will he continue to hide them behind a fa├žade of friendship?

My thoughts:
The Trouble With Tulip is a cross between Martha Stewart and Maxwell Smart. Jo Tulip is one "smart chick" when it comes to household tips on fixing the most hopeless situation. But when it comes to Jo's own love life, she falling apart at the seams. Not only does her fiance leave her at the alter but, a neighbor is murdered and the police are convinced it's suicide. But, Jo isn't sure it's just an open and shut case. Thus, Jo strikes out on her to uncover the truth, with the help of her best friend, Danny Watkins.
I'm a BIG fan of mystery/romance series, and this one of the best! This book just a really funny read and I was laughing through the whole. Jo is smart and witty. While her best friend, Danny, is your typical tortured artist, pinning away for his best friend. Poor Danny, everybody can see he is head-over-heels in love with Jo but, he has yet to convince himself of that fact.
When it comes to comedic murder mysteries, Mindy has you guessing till the very end with her quirky characters and witty clues . All-in-all The Trouble With Tulip is a really fun read, and will get your heart breaking over the romance and your head spinning, trying to figure out who the culprit is!

To learn more about Mindy or her books, go to:
HER BOOK <--- go here for a first chapter download!:D

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