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Review: Plain Pursuit by Beth Wisemen

Title: Plain Pursuit
Author: Beth Wismen
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Date released: April 28, 2009
ISBN-10: 1595547193
Stars: ***1/2 out of 5
Age rating:12 & up

The book definitely gives you a little peak into the day-to-day life of the Amish and is well written.
More drama then romance for sure. A definite one-time-read type of book.

Back cover: (taken from
When Carley Marek takes a hiatus from her job, she leaves Texas and visits her friend Lillian in Amish country, Pennsylvania. Carley isn't there long when she meets Lillian's charming-but shunned-brother-in-law, Dr. Noah Stoltzfus.
When Lillian's stepson is stricken with a life-threatening disease, Noah is forbidden to intervene, but he resolves to do whatever it takes to save the boy's life. Carley finds herself caught in the middle of her feelings for Noah and her loyalty to Lillian. And to further complicate matters, everyone around her is talking about God--a God she doesn't know and who appears to be punishing her for her past mistakes.
When her hiatus is up, Carley must make a life-changing decision: stay and face the path that is set before her, or flee and leave the only love she's ever known.

My Thoughts:The story starts out very much like Beverly Lewis’s The Redemption of Sarah Cain. Down-on-her-luck-reporter, Carley Marek, is forced to take a vacation after a fatal car accident. Carley tries to turn her month long “vacation” to Lancaster Pa, into an article, that’s sure to bring her back on top. I've never read “Amish” fiction before I’d read Plain Pursuit but, I was pleasantly surprised about how much liked it. Of course it wasn't “edgy” or “head-over-heels” romantic but, it had something that just made you want to read more. And although this is a series, I didn’t feel I was missing much by not reading the first book in the series:Plain Perfect. The characters were real, even when it came to the Amish family, Carley was staying with. The romance between Noah and Carley was sweet and gentle. And, although I'm a sweep-you-off-your-feet kinda gal, I liked the way the romance played out: Noah trying not to frighten Carley off and on the next plane home and Carley thinking she can never fully be, what Noah wants in a wife. These things keep the two distant from each other, despite the attraction they feel. The story takes a turning point when Lillian’s (Carley's Amish friend) stepson falls gravely ill, and the only one who can help save him, is being shunned by the whole Amish community . The emotions in Plain Pursuit aren’t dialed down, and shows the frustrations of knowing there is a cure but, that pride is in the way. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a sweet romance, a little heartbreak and men with really long beards. LOL

*Many thanks to BookSneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishing) for proving me with a review copy of Plain Pursuit*

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  1. I LOVED this book! Of course I love Amish fiction anyway, but this one was superb! Not cliched and was a refreshing voice. I went and bought the first one and can't wait to read it! Great review BTW. :)

  2. Thanks Casey! I liked Plain Pursuit but, I guess I'm just not into Amish fiction all that much. But I really want to read the next in the series: Plain Promise! Just to see what happens.LOL ;)
    Love Ya,

  3. Another great review, Ashley, though I'm not a fan of "Amish" fiction. :)

  4. Great review Ash, Plain Perfect was the best one IMO!

    XOXO~ Renee


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