Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Book!!

Since spring break is this week (most of y'all at least) and your probably wanting to read a stellar book while on vacations. So are you looking for a GREAT book, that has : realer-then-real characters, a moving message and enough passion to singed the pages? Then look not further. Julie Lessman's A Passion Most Pure is all of those things, and, whole lot more. Set in WWI Boston, Faith O'Connor has loved only one man, only thing is he in love with her sister, Charity. What transpire from there, is the saga of a tightly knit family, who rely each other and God, to get through even the toughest times.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Oh! And did I mention that it's FREE?!?!? Right now on, you can download (onto your ipod/iphone, Mac, Blackberry, PC or Kindle) a free copy of A Passion Most.
And just to put the icing on the cake, here is and excerpt of one of my favorite parts:
"She turned the knob, and in a split second he was there, his face inches from her own. She turned away as if she could smell the liquor on his breath. "Pretty high and mighty, aren't we, Faith O'Connor? I think you're lying. I thin I have gotten to you. only you don't want me to know it. Why don't we just see?
He pressed her back against the door, his lips muffing her response. He kissed her long and hard until the fight faded away. Only then did his lips leave her mouth to stray along the curve of her chin and nip at her earlobe. She moaned, her passion igniting him like no other woman had ever done. He was breathing hard and fast as his lips smothered her neck and the ecstasy of it all was so staggering, he thought he would lose his mind. What am I doing? "

Ahhh......*sigh* So, if that didn't make you want to read APMP, I suggest some therapy.LOL Just kidding. But, I really hope y'all get the chance to read at least one of Julie's incredible books.

Have blessed week!


  1. I LOVE this series!!! I own a copy of APMP and I still downloaded it on my computer it's that good!

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. LOL Renee! I did the same thing. You can never have to many copies of APMP, thats for sure=D
    Love Ya,

  3. ASHLEY!!! Thank you for posting this, sweetie (both you and Renee!), and I will enter you twice in the contest because like I told Renee ... if you win AGAIN, you can always do a giveaway, right?? Thanks again, girl!!!


  4. I want to know who in their right mind could resist this book?? I told my aunt a week or so ago, I hope she gets it!! :)

  5. @Julie~ Hey Mrs.Lessman!!*waves wildly* Thanks so much for putting an extra entry in there. And your right, I could definitely use it as a giveaway.LOL =D Or, whenever the one AHU copy gets torn and tattered from over reading, I'll whip out the un-read copy, to swap out with the old. Hahah Just kidding;D

    @Casey~ I don't know either.LOL And I'm praying your aunt reads it too;)

    Have a great week you guys!!
    Love Y'all,

  6. I just learned about the free downloadable kindle and the fact that there a free books to go with it is so cool!!
    I just gave you an award at my blog, here:


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