Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Book Giveaway!

Hey Y'all,
One of my New Years resolutions was to host giveaways on my blog. So I decided to start a little early on the resolutions and host my first blog giveaway today ;~) lol
Lori @~Some of My Favorite Books~ asked us to list our Top 10 Favorite books of 2009. That gave me an idea to host a giveaway. But instead of 10 books, how about 5. Because for me (at least), there would be to many books to choose from (or remember) to just put 10 books ;~) All you have to do, to enter is: Post your Top 5 Favorite Books Of 2009 (the books have to have been published in 2009) on your blog , then come back here and leave a
comment with the link to your post and your e-mail address. The winner will receive any one, book, off their "Top 5" list ( if you already own the book you may choose any, other, book you like)

Ok, so here is my Top 5 Favorite Books of 2009!

by Julie Lessman
(The DOB books is the best series I've read. I just LOVE them )

by Deeanne Gist
(Just a really fun book)

by Julie Klassen
(I loved the historical detail)

By Maggie Brendan
(I really enjoyed reading the 1st
in the Hearts Of West series)

5. The Blue Enchantress
By M.L. Tyndall
(I thought that all three books were fantastic)

Ok, so now for the boring, but, important stuff.......

Giveaway Rules:
* You must have a valid e-mail address (you must leave your e-mail address in the comment to be entered in the contest. To prevent spammers write e-mail like this.... i.e: i95fahrenheit[at]ymail[dot]com)
* Must have a valid U.S mailing address.
* U.S residents only
*The giveaway will start on Dec. 29th 2009 and end on Jan. 4th 11:59 pm, 2010
Any entries after the set date will not be entered in the giveaway
* The winner will be announced on Jan 5th 2010 on this blog. The winner will be contacted via e-mail. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the e-mail. If they do not reply within the 48 hours, a new winner will chosen.

For extra entries:
1+ For commenting (including the link and your e-mail address)
2+ For becoming a new follower
3+ For being an old follower
5+ For post (on the sidebar of your blog) about this giveaway on your blog
Be sure to include all extra entries in the one comment

Also, be sure to stop by Lori's blog (if you haven't already) and leave a comment with the list of your "Top 10" :~)

Happy New Year Y'all,


  1. AWESOME giveaway, Ashley! I'll be sure to come back and enter. Thanks for the heads up! :)

    Your entire Top 5 is either on my "keeper" shelf (that I loved!), or my overflowing TBR mountain! It seems we have very similar tastes in books. LOL

    Thanks for mentioning my blog...that's so sweet. {{hugs}}

  2. I hope you'll enter. You might be the only one:~)

    I totally understand. For Christmas I got 19 books and my birthday is a week away, so my TBR pile is comparable to Everest and growing.*Top 5 list* But if I had to pick just one book (not just 2009), A Passion Most Pure, would be my favorite of all time. I just never get tired of looking at Collin;~) ah......

    Great minds think alike, Lori!*Grin* But according to PBS similarity is 38%. LOL

    Have a great week Lori,
    Happy New Year,

  3. ASHLEY!!! What a way to kick off a Tuesday morning, girl, THANK YOU!! What an honor to be listed among those other top-five books -- favorites ALL of mine as well.

    And, sigh, I never get tired of looking at Collin either. When the book was just getting published, I had the model head shot for Collin taped to my overhead cabinet at work, and trust me ... it was a pick-me-up every single time I looked up!!

    May 2010 be your best year ever!


  4. Julie, Thanks so much for stoppinng by:~)
    It was a no-brainer that APD would be #1 on my list:~)

    Haha.By chance would you still have that picure? just kidding LOL. I like Mitch and Brady, but, Collin is my FAVORITE "bad boy gone good" ;~)

    I already know that 2010 is going to be a great year cause, A Hope Undaunted is coming out. I can't wait!!:~D

    May God Bless you Julie, and your family.
    Happy New Year,

  5. Sigh ... don't have Reid's picture anymore (that's the model's name), which is just as well. Didn't get as much work done when I did ... :)

    Yeah, I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about Undaunted too! My publisher sent me the pre-galleys this morning to make some minor changes, and I found myself pulled right in, reading several scenes because I do believe it is my favorite book so far. Hope it will be yours too!


  6. I don't know if I'll be able to last till September! I loved Katie in APMP, APR and APD, so I know I'm gonna love AHU:~)

    Happy New Year,

  7. Wow this is sooo cool! I think I included a bunch of books on my list that weren't released in 2009 but that I had newly discovered this year. Should I make up another list of strictly 2009 releases and post it here? Thanks!

    XOXO~ Renee

  8. Thank you for entering Renee! Just list your top 5, favorite books that were published in 2009. Good Luck:~)
    Happy new year,

  9. Collin is my favorite too... I just loved that cover. It almost lived up to the totally awesome vision I had in mind of Collin. lol

    I became a new follower. I don't know how I missed you since Lori & Renee are such good friends to me, and I follow Tina as well. You have good taste in followers as well as books! My list has a lot of yours and I read the ones that didn't make my list - I just couldn't figure out a way to include any more books. lol

    I already made a post with my top ten. I wish I knew how to make a link within these comments ~ but here is where it is:

    I know Lori linked it in her post, if that's easier. DO I still need to post the list on her site since it is in her current blog post as a link?

    Here is my e-mail ~ leesmithwriting{at}yahoo{dot}com

  10. Hey Lee,
    Thank for becoming a follower. I'll be sure to add the extra entries for that, in. You don't have post the link on Lori's blog, I just put that in to have people check out her site, if they hadn't already. I could probably a ton more books to my list so to stop me from having 20 books on one post, I went for top 5. But now I'm thinking it wounldn't be a sin to add just few more. LOL:~D
    Happy New Year,

  11. Great list Lee! Either I've read them, or are going to read them sometime this next year. Historical romance it my favorite but, I've just now started reading some regency novels.:~)

  12. Ashley, I'm a big cheater! If I could have fit more in, I would have. So many books... :o)

  13. Hi Ashley.

    Love the selection of books in your 2009 list of favouites.

    Happy New Year.


  14. Okay ~ I finally made it back! *whew*

    +1 = comment ~ here's my link:

    +3 = "old" follower

    +5 = posted on my sidebar

    Hmmmm....Ashley....I think you transposed your numbers?? When I look at our similarity on PBS, it says 83%!! LOL

    Hey! When's your b-day?? Email me your addy...I'd love to send you a card. :)

    Happy New Year y'all!! {{hugs}}

    ~ Lori
    sugarandgrits at hotmail dot com

  15. Hi Ash! I'm took me a while but I got my list posted LOL!

    +1 comment and link

    +3 old follower

    +5 posting on sidebar right now!

    Happy 2010!!!!

    XOXO~ Renee

  16. This is a wonderful giveaway.
    Please add my name to the hat.
    Thanks and Happy New Year

  17. Oh..I forgot to add my e-mail..
    Thank you for adding my name.


  18. I am a new follower


  19. Hello Ashley. I just came here from Lori's blog, so you could say I'm a new follower of your blog. I'll be adding it to my list of favorites. I'd love to be considered for the giveaway. My favorite books? First off the top of my head, without hesitation are all three of Julie's books. Oh my goodness, I believe I need to read them again. I can hardly wait until September for her new release. Deeanne Gist's book, that you have in your list is definitely one of my favorite's too. I think I read it about three times. The rest that I've read this year have been good, but none of them stick out in my mind much. Oh I did like Mary Conneally's A Cowboy Christmas. So much to read, so little time. Blessings for your new year!
    Kathy :) My email is kauppatgridcomdotnet

  20. I am a follower and would love to be entered into the drawing for this book,

    May God bless


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  22. Thank youy guys soooo much for entering. I'm going to "try" to host more giveaways in next couple months, so please check back often;~)
    Love Y'all,

  23. I'm not really here to enter your drawing, but I wanted to welcome you to the CFRB. You have a really nice site here,and I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. I haven't read all of your top 5, but the Blue Enchantress is definitely one of my top 5 for 2009, too. Love MaryLu Tyndall.

  24. Thank you for welcoming me. I loved all of ML Tyndall"s book. They are just fantastic!
    Many Blessing,


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