Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What do you get when you cross a southern girl who LOVES books, sub-zero temperatures and a computer? A blog of course:~) I started this blog not really knowing what to blog about. I thought about blogging about my life and how God is at work. But I also wanted to blog book reviews, interviews and giveaways ( OH MY!). But which one do I choose? Well in the end I had to make a compromised with myself.And so I'm going to try combining the two. I don't know how, but despite how horrid the outcome maybe, I'm gonna try:~) OK, so what dose all that have to do with sub zero temperatures and me being southern, you may ask? Well about 7 months ago, my dad lost his job. But God moves in the most mysterious of ways! The same company the laid my dad off, hired him back about two weeks ago. But theres only one problem.............the job is in Detroit, Michigan! (YIKES) Here where the southern part comes in. I'm a born and raised southern gal, Ga & NC to be exact. I have never lived anywhere they have blizzard (unless you count the Dairy Queen kind:~) or where your at least twenty miles from the Canadian border!. It's gonna be quit a change, or so I've heard, and I wanted to share the adventures of being the New Girl and trying to find where I fit in, amongst the ice fishers, hockey players and Canadians. So after all of THAT I give you the: Reviewing, interviewing, giveawaying ( is that a word?) laced with the word of God, autobiographing (is THAT even a word?), everything but a jar of peanut butter, Blog! I pray I haven't bored you too much and that you have a very blessed day, or night, depending on when your reading this.
Love Y'all,



  1. Best wishes on the move! I hate the cold LOL and I live in Pennsylvania so I have to deal with it a lot! Can't wait to see what comes up on your blog!!

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. LOL Ashley, you are just too funny! I was born and raised in GA...still live here in fact.

    I could not imagine packing up and moving that far away! My thoughts and prayers are with y'all. Be sure to pack TONS of coats, socks, and blankets! If you're cold-natured like me, you're gonna need them. hahaha

    Praise God that your Dad got a job! I'm looking for one myself, but would prefer to stay in a warmer area. :)

    I was dropping by to tell you that I have an award for can pick it up here:


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